The Plan

This is where I will post my current goals or plans.

Feel free to comment on anything below!

Short Term Goals

My short term goals are just to get some quality posts going on each of the pages. Then I want to transfer everything onto my own domain and officially release the blog. I also want to build my Facebook, Google plus and Twitter accounts!

Long Term Goals

In the long term I am looking turn MurphCha into a bigger brand and possibly take on some bigger projects.

Weekly Tea Meetings!

I am hoping to gather a few people to have weekly tea sessions with. I am also looking for new people to sort of take under my wing and teach tea to. I live in the Norristown area right outside of Philadelphia. So if you live close by and want to stop by feel free to contact me.

East Coast Tea Culture

This is a blog that I am starting with a friend to sort of unite the East Coast tea groups.

As of right now you can find this page at




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