My Notes – Are a collection of experiences that I have had with tea or the notes of someone’s experience that I respect and accept.

Processed notes

Green Tea Notes
– Raw File: Green Tea
– Green Tea Introduction
Green Tea Processing: Picking, Oxidation, and Shaping
– Determining Quality Green Tea
– Determining Quality Green Tea Part II
Brewing Green Tea
My Experience in Hangzhou.

Comparison Notes

Alishan Storage Comparison
– Alishan Storage

Event Notes

The notes below are notes from two major events hosted by the Tea Institute at Penn State.
**Some really valuable notes are within these two files.**

The Tea Institute at Penn State’s Regional Tea Ceremony Spring 2014
– Regional Tea Ceremony 

The Tea Institute at Penn State’s Puer Tea Exhibition Spring 2013
– Puer_Exhibition_2013

Museum Notes

This next set of notes are notes that I go to draw inspiration from or  for more information on a current note. While I have visited these museums and did type these notes, the information belongs to the respective museums mentioned below.

Typed images from China’s National Tea Museum in Hangzhou, China
– China National Tea Museum

Information from Yingge’s Ceramic Museum in Yingge, Taiwan

– Yingge Ceramics Museum Notes

Upcoming and Unprocessed Notes

All of the files below are notes that are typed and somewhat presentable. In the following weeks, I will polish these and write up a narration of them. *Warning: These are unpolished and may contain some horrible misspellings*

– Oolong Basics

– Puer Basics

– White Tea + Yellow Tea

– Water Tasting


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