10 Things I didn’t feel right leaving out of the Green Tea Section…

Here are 10 Things I didn’t feel right leaving out of the Green Tea Section.

  1. Quality & Brewing
    1. Choose good tea. You can’t expect good tea from low quality leaves, no matter how well you brew it.
  2. Brewing For Others
    1. Learn to brew your tea first before sharing with customers. Once you understand the tea, quality, temperature to brew at, and method, you can manipulate it depending on what your customer wants.
  3. Pour Height
    1. If you pour from a greater height into and out of the vessel, the temperature will drop. This could speed up the cooling process and get the tea to a comfortable drinking temperature.
  4. Where To Pour
    1. Do not pour hot water directly on the leaves. If you are using a gaiwan or glass pour onto the side of the vessel. Remember the leaves are delicate.
  5. Extra Leaves
    1. When you are brewing be careful of the extra leaves you may leave in a cup or serving pitcher. These leaves continue to brew while they are still in the vessel. After a little while they could make the tea bitter.
  6. Not all green teas can withstand 100 degree Celsius temperature
    1. Now for Americans like me I can’t relate to the metric measurement system. So I like to say the best temperature to brew at initially is a temperature that is not burning your fingers when you touch the outside of a glass cooling pitcher. If you can physically touch the outside of the cooling pitcher for 3 to 5 seconds then it is most likely ready. If you are using a different cooling pitcher, or maybe just the kettle, you can test this by putting your hand over the top of the vessel. Again you want to be able to hold your hand above the open vessel for about 3 – 5 seconds again. **If this is still difficult to understand, test this yourself with some type of temperature recording device. Or practice until you get it.
  7. Practice
    1. Green tea can be difficult to brew if you don’t practice brewing green tea.
  8. Competition & Delicacy
    1. If you over brew the first brew of green tea, there is little chance that you will be able to correct that mistake in future brews.
      1. Have your guest rinse their mouths with boiled water before you serve them the next brew.
  9. Amount
    1. Watch the amount of tea you put into your vessel. It could have the same effect of over/under brewing the tea.
  10. Enjoy your tea.
    1.  Always

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