A Wall of Notes

It seems like I am always learning something new about tea and taking down notes here and there. I usually take notes on small sheets of paper and at the end of the day I just place them in a pile on my desk. My approach to typing up notes has been centered on typing up or fixing my oldest notes first. It usually takes me a while to get to them since I am always side tracked by new information. Recently I had decided to change this mentality.

So instead of just adding to the stack of notes all over my desk, I am just going to type up my most recent notes right away. Every so often I will type up a set of old notes and add them to what I have. Hopefully this approach will allow me to post more often and start to cut down on the mess on my desk.

Recently I added a section to my notes page of notes that I look forward to processing soon. The files you see in this section are all unprocessed and will be updated as I narrate through them.

Check out the notes page here!

I’m excited!


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