Ali Shan Oolong Comparison

Ali Shan Oolong Comparison

It’s been a while since I have done an experiment. So today I have decided to do a comparison that have been holding out on and wanted to do for some time. This experiment compares two of the same teas. One tea was opened 6 months ago, while the other was just opened today, 11/24/2014. Both of these teas are roasted teas from Alishan.

Alishan 2014

The end of one bag and the start of a new bag!

The test is to see if there is any major differences in the recently opened tea and the tea that has been open for the last six months. The procedure for this test is simple and I am going to try to keep as many constants as possible. I will use a similar gaiwans with similar amounts of tea. I will brew with spring water just of the boil, for three brews. I will taste them both side by side, with a rinse in-between each tea.

The first brew's results.

The first brew’s results.

In the picture above you see the results of the first brew. The one on left is the recently opened bag. The initial and most obvious difference is the color of the liquor. The tea on the right seems to be a little darker or deeper in color. The one on the left is brighter and sort of shines.

I poured and brewed the one on the right first, with the one on the left directly afterwards. To my surprise the one on the right was a lot more stronger and more rounded than the one on the left. The tea on the left was strong, but not stronger than the other. There was also a small amount of bitterness. Both teas were nutty and hinted of plum or dried fruits.


The cups vary and size. Does that change the color or flavor?

This is the result of the second brew! Again the colors are a little different but not by much. The oolong on the left was a lot smoother the second time around. It was also sort of building in strength. The tea on the right was still stronger and doing well!

Notice the size

Notice the size  

Recently opened tea

Recently opened tea




Notice the size of the leaves. The first tea was nearing the end of the bag, so the leaves are a little smaller.

The third brew was where the recently opened tea separated itself. The tea from the recently opened bag gave off a nice effervescence or activity on the front of the tongue and was clean in the mouth. There was a building roast that sort of left a cooling presence afterwards. This tea peaked here. The other tea sort of fell off and didn’t live up to the newly opened tea.

In the beginning I through a leaf from both of the teas into these cups.

In the beginning I through a leaf from both of the teas into these cups.

In conclusion, there was not a major difference in the overall taste of the tea. I would not say that either tea went stale or that they were impacted greatly by the environment.The tea that was recently opened did keep more of the effervescence that I look for in Alishan. But at the end of the day, I can clearly tell that these two teas are from the same source.

Raw Notes

***Let me know of some of the differences you have tasted in your oolongs that have been through different storage in the comment section!***


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