Here are some pictures from my visit to Hangzhou’s Tea Museum. Hangzhou in general is an amazing place and this free museum makes it even better!

Hangzhou Museum Sign

China National Tea Museum Sign

The taxi driver literately let us out right in front of this sign.



These are the first few things you see walking through the museum. There is a lot of interesting things being presented within the museum. It goes through a lot of the history behind tea, the processes for making tea, traditional wares, traditional settings, and of course tea.

Lu Yu

Statue of Lu Yu

IMG_4086Right outside the Museum there is this amazing statue of Lu Yu and a sitting area with a fantastic view.



After walking around the museum you are free to walk around the plantation. Which is huge!



There is a small building on the plantation that allows you to taste and buy some fresh Longjing! The picture on the right shows a few different grades of Longjing that they are offering.


When your tired of walking around there is this nice restaurant you can stop and eat in!

Resturant Sign



Green Tea Beer

Everything we had was very good, but these two things stood out. Green Tea Beer and Green Cookies. Sorry the cookie picture is a little fuzzy, I was too excited to eat them!


Green Tea: Hangzhou’s Tea Museum

2 thoughts on “Green Tea: Hangzhou’s Tea Museum

    • I went to a few museums in Taiwan but I don’t think I went to one dedicated to tea. Wisteria was very nice, we went 3 or 4 times while there.

      We did go to the bigger museum at towards the end of our trip I think its call the National Palace. They had some tea things there.

      Thanks for visiting the page!


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