How I arrived at MurphCha…


This is a fun story. I usually introduce myself as Merv, short for Mervyn. Almost every time the response is Murph? Most of the time I didn’t mind. Then this amazing tea blogger spelled my name wrong on his blog. In the Spring of 2013, the Tea Institute at Penn State invited some tea masters from Taiwan to come and do a Puer Exhibition. This blogger was one of those tea masters. We had the amazing experience of spending the week with them, listening to lectures, taking them out to eat, showing them the campus, etc. Throughout the week I thought our guests knew my name, it turns out they did not. Murph became a running joke within the institute.

So I took Murph and added Cha to it. Cha means tea in Chinese.



This is actually pretty hard to come up with! I have narrowed it down to two but I need time to decide. Maybe some help from some friends will help..

Murph Fu Cha

When it comes to teaching or learning something new, I think the best way to fully understand something is to learn it well enough to make it yours. Let me rephrase. The best way for me to learn is to work with something until I am able to take it and make it my own. What I mean by make it yours is that you can add your style to it, your personality, you own it. Example, I have been practicing gong fu cha for a while, at one point I began to realize what type of tea I like and how to brew it. So I took that, worked on it, to the point where I thought it was at its best. Now this maybe based on another style or idea, but I know it well enough to manipulate it. Make it my own.

To my Gong Fu Cha friends, do take too much offense 🙂

Merv’s Account on Tea

Well I am an Accountant.


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