Who I Am. Why I’m Here.

Hi! My name is Merv. I’m here to start a tea blog and make my space in the tea culture. I saw this opportunity to take this Blogging 101 course with WordPress and The Daily Post and jumped on it. It is a great chance to increase my blogging skills along with my writing skills. I’m also taking the Photo 101 course!

As I hinted to above, I am created this blog for tea! I have a lot of notes on tea and I want to digitize them! A blog seems like the perfect opportunity and motivational tool for the job! For more context on my why, check out the post before this one!

I’m choosing this public tool, instead of a private journal, to share the information I have with the hope that someone else will share information with me. I don’t plan on limiting the information I give to people who want to know more about tea. So I am putting it all out there.

I will definitely write about tea, most of the time.

Networking and building relationships with the tea community is one of the things I am most excited for. I want to build tea houses around the globe. For that I will need to build relationships with tea people! Anyone who has any interest in tea, I want to know them and I want to know what they are into!

If I blog successfully throughout the next year I hope to post all of my notes through this blog and develop a business plan for Murphcha.

I hope this post gives you a better understanding of what I am trying to do with this blog.



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