Lets get started!

Welcome! This is my tea blog space where I will be sharing with you all of my tea notes, experiences and ideas. In one of my attempts to digitally organize all of my notes, I realized I needed some motivation and purpose. Then I realized the power of putting all of my notes online for the tea community to read and offer their opinions on! This blog and the opportunity for the tea community to comment on my notes is my motivation.

I will be offering my notes on pretty much everything I think about, related to tea. Brewing technique, tea, wares, books, events, business opportunities, translations, and whatever else I notice in the world of tea.

There are a few goals here. The first and most important goal is to gather all of my information on tea and polish them with your help! This will be the base of my brand. This information will be the springboard to other goals that I have in my life, like starting a tea house(s), building MurphCha, and establishing myself as a leader in the tea culture. The fastest way to start and gain popularity is though social media. It started with Instagram for me, now I’m blogging. Soon I will be developing my Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Google plus. Join me on those platforms!

I have a few other goals, one is to develop lesson plans based on my notes. There will be a whole tab dedicated to lesson plans. Ideally I would post notes, some people will review them, and I would create a lesson plan including any additional notes. They say if you want to learn something teach it! That’s what I plan to do with this!

The benefit that comes out of this blog involves the idea of having other people comment and offer their opinion. I’m stressing this because this will increase my knowledge of the topic and help me understand what others are thinking. In the end, I would then be able to develop a great response to these viewpoints, whether I agree or disagree.

An additional benefit from blogging is the increase in writing skills. After three English courses with Penn State, my writing skills still suck.  So this gives me the opportunity to work on those!

Through WordPress and the daily post I will be participating in two courses, Blogging 101 and Photo 101. These seem like great courses to start my blogging career with! I’m excited to see how this page and Instagram develops through these courses! Add me on Instagram @MurphCha!

Let’s begin.



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